Raised Flooring contractors

Benefits - Raised Access Flooring

Contractor Benefits

The convenience of raised access floors becomes evident even before they are put to use. The speed and ease with which the floor is installed make it significantly less labour and time intensive than other floors, and thus the space becomes inhabitable faster. In ALTAIR, Raised Flooring contractors can find a strategic partner that offers them full support throughout the process, from pre-project planning to on site assistance. This includes services such as:

Pre Project

  • Quantification
  • Scheduling
  • CAD Shop Drawings
  • Project Specific Installation Guidelines
  • Immediate Shop Drawings For in-situ accessories

On Site

  • Initial Installation Supervision
  • Quality Verification
  • On site coordination

Consultant Support

Optimal use of space is one of the greatest advantages of raised access floors. This coupled with flexibility, both in terms of their load bearing capacity at a range of heights as well as the array of available finish options makes them a key design element in any project. ALTAIR can play a major role in supporting consultants in many aspects of a project’s development and construction:

Definition of requirements Full design integration
Architectural specifications CAD supported construction details
Selection of finishes to suit clients’ needs Integration with other building services (MEP)

End Client Benefits

An organization’s assets are primarily its people, its technology and its real estate, and all three assets are optimized with raised access floors; workspaces are made flexible as desks can be shifted and wires reconnected with minimal effort; cables and connections can be housed with minimal disruption and can be easily accessed for maintenance and space is used more efficiently, thus creating an optimal integration of people, furniture and technology. Altair products and services offer a range of advantages to developers and users, such as:

Developer Advantages

  • Immediate fit-out
  • Speed of construction
  • No mess
  • Saving on fixed partitioning costs
  • Building maintenance savings
  • Increase in real estate value and rent ability
  • Short term returns on investment
  • Prolongation of a building’s life

User Advantages

  • Clean, efficient cable networking
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Possibility of free space partitioning
  • Accommodation of larger number of human resource
  • Power savings on air conditioning
  • Sub-floor cooling option

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