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About Altair - Innovative flooring solutions

Altair is an innovative flooring solution company with a extensive range of internationally acclaimed raised access flooring products & accessories. All design and production is carried out with the highest quality that you would expect from British manufacturing standards.

We also make our products flexible and cost-effective by using cutting-edge production facilities.

Our facilities can make rapid production line changes when needed to fulfill even small orders. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us no matter how big or small your requirement is.

We have recruited a highly motivated and experienced team, as-well as trusted partners to carry out projects across Europe, Middle East, Qatar and Africa so we would love to hear about your project and Altair its potential.

Altair specialises in the supply of high-quality Raised Access Flooring solutions to the office fit-out and construction industry in the UK and Worldwide.

Altair offers antistatic Raised Flooring Solution for corporate offices, data centers and disaster recovery sites.

Contact us for more information on raised access flooring, Antistatic Raised Flooring, Data Centre Flooring solution or to discuss your requirements. Enquiries are solicited from UK, UAE, Qatar and South Africa on following Email id info@altairuk.com


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